100 Days of MEGASHOCK! #0: An Introduction *UPDATED: Now based on MVS release dates

* Updated to be based on MVS release dates. They seem to be the most dependable out of all dates.

Hello there. My name is Badr AlOmair AKA BadoorSNK (or just Badoor on MMCafe) As a youngling, I’ve always been enamored with SNK & the Neo Geo system on the occasions when I get to play them at arcades, or the rare occasion when I play the AES home system at my cousin’s house, or even the rarer occasion when I get to play that at my own home (though having older brothers who handle the “logistics” of buying or selling or renting games means that I was never sure why we suddenly have systems or why they were  gone). I’ve also been enamored with video game writing & journalism, buying magazines such as GAMEPRO, EGM, GameFan, Next-Gen, Tip & Tricks, and several more that are now sadly defunct (currently, I  mostly read Retro Gamer & EDGE by the way). I always wanted some way to start writing and “give back” but aside from the random forum post here or there, there’s never been a steady outlet for me. For that reason, I decided to start my ambitious (well, for me anyway. We are talking putting-a-man-on-the-moon level of ambition) initiative to play & write about every official Neo Geo game ever released in chronological order based on their Japanese AES MVS release through 100 DAYS OF MEGASHOCK!

I am not going to lie. This is definitely inspired by Dr. Sparkle’s long-running excellent video series, Chrontendo (and its offshoots, Chronsega & Chronturbo). You all should go watch all of that. But since I am not a good English speaker and I don’t know anything about video recording & editing, I thought I’d take the textual route instead.

Now for some technicalities:

  • The release date info will be based on the Neo-Geo.com Master list [1].
  • Since I don’t know Japanese or Mahjong, for games where knowledge of any of these topics is necessary to progress through the game, I will try to watch a random video playthrough of it instead & just state my thoughts on it based on that input. I feel I can garner more from a game using this method than just clumsily getting stuck at the main menu by playing it myself (AES Launch title, Mahjong Kyoretsuden: Nishi Nihon Hen, is one early example of this situation).
  • I don’t intend to completely playthrough every game. Just progress enough where there will be enough interesting content to write about. Unless if it’s just a great game and I want to beat it :D
  • English is my second language. That means it’s a good (not) excuse for me to be lazy about spelling or grammar or just plain good writing. Don’t expect much is pretty much the motto for this blog.

And that’s it. Thanks for letting me waste your time reading about why I’m wasting my time writing about videogames made to waste people’s time. Hope you enjoy reading what I have. If I stop writing after a few days then I’m just glad I gave this a shot. But for now, well, THE FUTURE IS NOW.

[1] – neo-geo.com master list

P.S. No, I did not see (500) days of summer.

P.P.S Alternative titles I could’ve used for this blog:

  • MEGASHOCK treatment

And lastly:

  • You Wa MEGASHOCK! (for the uninitiated, here)

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