Slight Changes To 100DaysOfMEGASHOCK! Posting Order

So you’re wondering why is my most recent post about Windjammers, which is number #49 in the JP Neo Geo MVS chronology list, rather then Crossed Swords, which is the next game game at #19 after Burning Fight? Well, for a few reasons. But lets set some facts first: It’s obvious that I haven’t been really tending to this blog often, partially because I’ve been focusing a little on Pretzel Motion, and because basically any amount of free time I have I either just spend playing Guilty Gear Xrd or trying to keep up with the ever-increasing backlog of old and new games I have, which is being kept at bay because I spend every free moment playing Guilty Gear Xrd. So it might be better if I take any initiative that would make me update 100DaysOfMEGASHOCK! more frequently. And you would probably agree too.

The second reason, one which is specific to Windjammers but might apply to other Neo Geo titles that might get new sequels or ports, is that I feel like it would be better if I write about such titles now, when there’s timely interest in them, than to wait till they get their turn 4 or 5 years away (at best, with my rate, lol). I felt this when I saw the Windjammers announcement trailer at PSX2016. It made me regret not updating this blog frequent enough to get to such a cool title like Windjammers, knowing that the earliest I could get to it is years after.

And so, I decided to soften the chronology rule. For the most part, I’ll be sticking to making posts that follow the JP Neo Geo MVS release chronology, but I think changing it every now and then could help this blog a lot. And don’t worry, you’ll get your fill of Crossed Swords soon :)

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